self help

need plan to sabotage my tendency to self sabotage

Happy day before new years eve everyone.

Today I"m feeling a bit glum.  It's been a hard year- one of which has resulted in a long chain of self-sabotage.  As I catch wind of the results of the final (hopefully final) thing I did not apply to for no good reason, I am fed up.  I know life has been mean, but never have I been THIS outwardly destructive to PAINTING.  Or have I?  Now I just don't know.  Maybe I was oblivious to myself until life trauma knocked me more self aware.  

Does anyone know anything real deep and revealing about self sabotage? Anyone have a quick fix that's more elaborate than simply "getting over it" or "working harder."  Obviously this is a symptom of something much sludgier - something that smells of low self worth, and I just won't have it.


Here is a sketch of my nephew I did the other day


here's a shot of my studio looking a lil cray.Image


A gift from me to you:

ImageThe world's easiest homemade cleaner recipe:

1 part vinegar 

1 part water

spiced up with some drops of essential oils. 

I used sweet orange, but tell me, oil---water? The whole separation thing... (see picture below)  Um...