step 2: tame the wild beast (within) or at least get him working for you

Had a really great painting salon-convo with Hannah and Will two nights ago.  We each talked about our goals and  struggles ---  really lit up the ol' belly fire.  Will even sacrificed a painting (death by ax). ...the most pressing question of the evening: ---- "What are you afraid of?"---- wasn't asked of me then, but it's been reeling in my mind ever sense.  Time to start chasing fear instead of standing oblivious or running from it.  Wish me luck.

It is so great to find people who you can discuss your process with.  essential.  yummm.  .....if we're all running towards the same fears... maybe we build up a lil power in numbers?  that sort of thing.

I'm still overwhelmed with ideas.  -- which makes for some real compulsive creation! ....or for today- narrowing down the broader categories of my interests/ultimate major goals.  Anyhoo, so far I've got:



GETTING BY (who am I kidding, THRIVING)

I would like these three things to be come interconnected in a lil' synergy triad thinga-mahjig. --- Also coming to terms with the fact that I have to make things/art to stay sane (or at least "functional" in this world).  It's the only way.  I have too many damn feelings--gotta direct them towards something.   Trying to worry more about making myself feel good than anything else.  I'm a sassy brat and very badly behaved, so it'll be a solid challenge to pin down and befriend my inner beasts.