Step 3: give up trying to tame the beast (let wild things run free so they can find their fellow)

Since life is starting to feel like failed capture after failed capture of my crazy, it's best I let the beast run free.  I'm finding myself clench fisted and anxious/tense----feeling like I HAVE to be making something, anything. There is really no reason to flagellate myself or be ashamed for my frisky.  New solution for optimum crazy-coping: let wild things run free so they can find their fellow crazy. and so today I feel much more calm.

dis body neeeds some yoga.  Balance = strength and flexibility.  I keep forgetting...


ms joni mitchell on painting and music and poetry.  thank you joni for being real.  words can't describe ))dare to be yerself((

PAINTING is rejuvination POEM is aspirin (at best) MUSIC is a mystery

--pure wisdom--

And a sample of exciting t-shirts to come!

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